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Designing Innovative STEM Solutions: Meet the TEAM!

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Project Mpower:

STEM Innovation from the Core!

Next Submission Deadline: MAY 14-16

Brilliant designs by creative minds are shared via video. The brightest solutions bubble up for interviews with our STEM experts via our TV series, with BEST-in-CLASS products developed! Earn funds for your STEM college/career pursuits and resources for your school. 

Learn & Get Inspired

Simply brainstorm with your student school team solutions to local challenges or problems and generate a 3 minute video via your smart phone to upload for others to review. Weekly votes will determine which ideas promote further discussion via our TV series with STEM and business experts! Certain products will advance through various stages of design, development and production, generating STEM resources for your school and savings bonds for your future college and career pursuits across STEM fields!

High school students need hours behind the wheel to earn their driving license, as well as community service hours before we graduate. Living in Richmond, VA we realized the food deserts that exist for many less fortunate, and that many restaurants throw away food that goes uneaten! There are food kitchens that can serve the food IF they could get a hold of it. We developed a mobile matchmaking app that identifies food ripe for pick-up at restaurants and outlets for feeding the hungry with students that can deliver the food for distribution!

ProjectM Power Teacher Leader

I teach middle school science and was looking for real-world problems my students could tackle as an authentic context to learn their STEM disciplines. Project MPower provided a terrific scaffold for students to take a deep dive in computational thinking and coding in partnership with corporate STEM partner: Carmax! Their outreach team showcased "Opportunity Statements" (problems) they are working on with my students. It was awesome to see how solutions are generated and what future STEM careers are available in companies like Carmax, Capital One and Bank of America in the Richmond area!

The Forge

Our maker hub for Project MPower is located at the Science Museum of Virginia. As a partner with the VCU School of Education Center for Innovation in STEM Education, they have the tools to bring your prototype solutions and products from vision into reality!

2500 West Broad Street

Richmond, Virginia


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