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Submit Your Idea!

Here's where you can identify a simple problem that you struggle with in your everyday life and brainstorm with your fellow students, how might I generate a solution to this challenge to alleviate this issue for all of us!

You are only limited by your imagination! As you think about the challenge, you may want to do the following before you upload your wicked cool idea for others to comment vote on:

  1. What is your innovative product/service?

  2. What challenge(s) is your product/service designed to solve?

  3. What are the key features of your product/service that make it special?

  4. How is your product/service innovative and different from other product/services intended to solve the same challenges?



Identify the Problem

What problems or issues do you deal with on a frequent basis that you'd love to have a solution that makes your daily life easier? This can obviously cover a broad range of things! A tangled dog leash, a cell phone issue, feeding your pet when no one is home, helping a home garden to flourish, saving energy on your electric or water bill, staying cool on hot summer days? You decide with your team!



Review Existing Solutions

Critique Viability of your Innovation

Insert text



Rapidly generate a sketch or video to describe your product or solution! 

Wait for it!

Feedback from the crowd! Check back to the website to see how your idea rates among others!

Watch the TV Show as Ideas Advance!

Follow along as ideas that bubble up are then discussed and student teams are interviewed about their ideas going to the next stage of development!

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